Tuesday, August 28, 2012

laura kirkpatrick

model: laura kirkpatrick (antm yeah! cycles 13 and 17)
makeup: hank walton
hair: stephanie callihan
wardrobe: sarah jane estes and street scene, lexington
assistants: ryan reisert, elizabeth hicks, and samantha gilliam

these were taken in july, i had such an amazing team. thank you to everyone who helped make this possible, especially ryan for giving me a victory kiss right after we wrapped it up. we did 6 looks in 45 minutes and i was a hyper baby just snappin' away!

i've come to a weird-but so good-point in my life. i know who i want to be with and what i want to be associated with. in humanities class today we were talking about our vision, and how important goals are. i want to be everything, but nothing at the same time. i want to be franey miller, whoever that is.

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