Saturday, June 30, 2012

palace sweetheart

model: carol lee
styling: acorn apparel
makeup/hair: cassie lynn young
thank you so much to sydney at the palace theatre for letting us shoot!
everything came together so well here. the location rocked and even though i was shooting on a tripod, i think this is one of my best shoots so far! yeeee love life

Thursday, June 28, 2012

graceful nightfall

shot for the film issue of lost freedom magazine

model: ivory h
hair/makeup: hank walton
styling: the tangerine closet

i just put up the ones i like the most, there are some more in the magazine so go look at it!
xo, franey <3

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

last summer

i took this last year on may 28 and it is still one of my favorite photos. model is rebecca strother. clothing from acorn apparel, and i think i'm getting sick of black and white.

 i went to a get together and it was nice and fun and all those good things

my internet friend jamey came to visit!

serene and i took so many pictures

 allison and i dragged my brother's mattress out to the backyard and she jumped on it a bunch of times
i shot the beautiful olivia ross on like the hottest day eva

i took self portraits with my super short hair (thank you elena) and i saw my dad

i shot taylor at a farm in harrodsburg and i made her go on this tree (thank you for not dying or falling off, taylor)
i made erin sit in the ohio river ahhh
i shot photos for a boutique (they're closed now)
and i had my 16th birthday at big rock at sunrise with ryan and my mom (mom not pictured)

it was a really great summer and i am so happy that i took my camera everywhere with me. now it's summer again, a year later, and i just don't feel like myself photography-wise. i feel different and maybe it's because throughout the winter i was so inspired, and i didn't save any inspiration for the hot days. i just wish i could break out of this natural franey miller picture taking style. i have such a style that it's a problem i think! i loved my photos a year ago and now i just feel like i'm going backwards. i'm probably not. it's okay. i have so many elaborate plans coming up for photo shoots, i'm so excited and scared to execute them because i don't know if i'll be doing it right. hopefully i won't get sick of black and white. i love developing film at home and i love black and white, but it's definitely not for everything. i just bought a 4 pack of walgreens brand color film so i'll be using that too. i don't know. thank you for following my work (or this blog) if you have been. i'm so grateful.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

tangerine dream

clothing from the tangerine closet
models are erin bridges, jasmine johnson, and kathleen niemann

thank you to everyone for being such great sports! i really had a lot of fun at this shoot and everything went together so nicely. these photos are going to be used for the tangerine closet's promotional posters so when the owner, megan, puts them together i'll post a scan of one!

franey :')

chloé at the lake

clothing from the tangerine closet
model is chloé bell