Tuesday, June 26, 2012

last summer

i took this last year on may 28 and it is still one of my favorite photos. model is rebecca strother. clothing from acorn apparel, and i think i'm getting sick of black and white.

 i went to a get together and it was nice and fun and all those good things

my internet friend jamey came to visit!

serene and i took so many pictures

 allison and i dragged my brother's mattress out to the backyard and she jumped on it a bunch of times
i shot the beautiful olivia ross on like the hottest day eva

i took self portraits with my super short hair (thank you elena) and i saw my dad

i shot taylor at a farm in harrodsburg and i made her go on this tree (thank you for not dying or falling off, taylor)
i made erin sit in the ohio river ahhh
i shot photos for a boutique (they're closed now)
and i had my 16th birthday at big rock at sunrise with ryan and my mom (mom not pictured)

it was a really great summer and i am so happy that i took my camera everywhere with me. now it's summer again, a year later, and i just don't feel like myself photography-wise. i feel different and maybe it's because throughout the winter i was so inspired, and i didn't save any inspiration for the hot days. i just wish i could break out of this natural franey miller picture taking style. i have such a style that it's a problem i think! i loved my photos a year ago and now i just feel like i'm going backwards. i'm probably not. it's okay. i have so many elaborate plans coming up for photo shoots, i'm so excited and scared to execute them because i don't know if i'll be doing it right. hopefully i won't get sick of black and white. i love developing film at home and i love black and white, but it's definitely not for everything. i just bought a 4 pack of walgreens brand color film so i'll be using that too. i don't know. thank you for following my work (or this blog) if you have been. i'm so grateful.


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  1. this is one of the most beautiful, heart-warming and inspiring posts i have ever seen. thank you for making my day with your incredible talent, franey. you're such a magician!