Wednesday, June 20, 2012

you for so long and counting

if you've followed my work for the past ~3 years, you would know that i've had a support system of one very great person for the whole time i've been photographing. he's been there for me when i've been in my creative ruts, when my photo shoots have sucked royally, and just whenever i need to tell someone an idea or concept before it escapes my mind. ryan, my boyfriend of almost 3 years is my support system and i just couldn't do this without him. he's such a sport. he's a quiet little mouse who shows up in my photographs with lots of love. we take pictures together occasionally, and whenever we do ideas are just bouncing everywhere off of each other and it's just a fun time of running around and kissing, laying on the ground for photos, holding hands and laughing after we had taken a silly photo.

i'm going to bring you into the diary of fryan (franey+ryan) through photos.

first year anniversary (july 26, 2010) first signs of me being taller than ryan :')
we went to the waterfront and had a picnic in the heat of july, and then went to ryan's house to watch the mr. bean movie.

my 15th birthday (aug 3, 2010) cherokee park at sunrise, the fog was amazing and i took some self portraits as well. here's one of them:

i looked so different! i'm now almost 17 and these photos feel so good to look at, kind of like they're from another era of my life so far.

we're blurry :)

christmas 2010. ryan's house is like a sanctuary for me, this was taken in the green room where we watch tv and movies and just sit on the couch and talk.

march, 2011. we went to the lake at sunset and had a fun picture taking time :) whenever we take pictures, ryan's my official tripod carrier, hehe. my ankles look funny here.

more pictures:

ryan told me to do this pose, see, bouncing ideas!

 we went to the zoo in the summertime with his family! this photo of a snake is incredibly popular on tumblr for some reason.
 ryan loved dinosaurs when he was little and his mom considered buying this one for him hahahh
we got kids slushies because we're obviously still kids :')

 ryan had a band with some of his friends and wanted me to come to a practice and take pictures, so i did! not much actual band playing went on, but pokemon gameboy playing did :')

 4th of july! ryan got a haircut and we played with fire
 (and had a really awesome cookie cake, thank you madelynn)

this is from my sixteenth birthday :) the other photos are such big file sizes that i don't want to wait for all of them to upload, hah. this is the best one anyways. sunrise, big rock park, aug 3, 2011.

september was a big picture-taking month for ryan and i! this is on the train tracks by my house. i always love train tracks. the other pictures from this day were with flash, and those turned out kinda weird, this was an accident picture but i like it best.

 it was the prettiest early autumn sunset ever.
 accident kiss picture :)
ryan is the only person i let photograph me seriously. like a serious "pretty picture" thing. i don't like being photographed by anyone else, and if i am i make stupid faces and act silly because i don't like pictures of myself! except when ryan takes them, he takes pictures with such precision and charm and i love him for that.

 me by ryan
 when ryan gets a new haircut it's almost always picture time!
 thanksgiving was wonderful this year, and i had so many things to be truly thankful for
 holding hands in the car
i didn't know my mouth could do that, omfg. we went to dinner at captain's quarters and ryan's brother sam took this.
christmas, 2011. you can see that i was very very happy this day :)

 new years! george is a great dog and i love ryan's smile
 ryan got a cat@!!@ <3

ryan, emily, and our new friend jeff at book and music exchange in february :')

i have other cute pictures of me and ryan from my book, but i need to scan them! i'll do that tonight. happy days ryan, this blog post is for you!

~franey :)

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