Tuesday, July 31, 2012


model is brittany @ cosmo
hair and makeup by cassie lynn young

~franey :')

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

forecastle blog post 1

ryan and i went to a 3 day long music festival called forecastle in louisville last weekend! i still need to get like 4 more rolls developed but here are some of the photos i have now

 the sky during beach house
beach house!!! 2nd favorite concert next to wilco. victoria is amazingly adorable

everyone was dancing really hardcore-like at the sleigh bells concert and then there was this guy. A+, man.
crooked photo of sleigh bells
ryan being cute at sleigh bells
this is really blown out but film point and shoot what can ya do
atlas sound! bradford cox is so cute
a couple kissing during beach house i believe
 holding hands during atlas sound
anna being cute wit her jellyfish puppet!

it was a great weekend and i promise you there will be more from forecastlex up soon!! <3

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012

fulton market

this shoot went so well and had all kinds of good karma floating around. my mom dropped me, ania, ryan, and ania's friend from france off at fulton market and we walked to starbucks to sort out outfits and change clothes. ania and her friend got coffee and ryan and i got water and then we just kinda walked around for an hour or so. then we coincidentally ran into my mom at a really hip coffee shop where we were about to shoot our last look. so we finished the shoot, said bye to ania and her friend and then ryan and i had a salad with croutons and cheese and lettuce without dressing and some turkey i think. while we were eating, ryan looked at me and said "i'm happy" and that practically made my day.

i really like these photos because 1. ania is such a fun person and she has a great personality and a great face and poses herself and she's just so awesome and 2. they were taken in chicago in a place that i've never been to before, i mean i've been to chicago, i was born there, but i'd never been to fulton market. it was so beautiful outside, the breeze was nice and the walk only got sweaty a couple of times :)

i can't wait to go back to chicago and photograph more, meet new people, and eventually live there.
until next time,

Sunday, July 8, 2012

really sunny days

yesterday i took pictures of caitlin for her modeling portfolio
if any young up-and-coming models need portfolio shoots, they're inexpensive and can be similar to this one, so you can email me at franey.miller at gmail.com
caitilin was a joy to take pictures of and even though it was hot and sweaty i think i got some good photos. this shoot was kind of a downer from my other recent shoots, but that's only because it's more simple, honestly. i'm leaving for chicago tomorrow with ryan and my mother and i'm meeting with a few people so i'll keep you guys posted on that.
my mom's about to make coffee and i really like drinking coffee in the evening because it makes me sleep sometimes.
i need to make room for simple shoots in my portfolio, but i don't know if i really want to right now. but simple photos can sure be stunning so i have to keep that in mind. sorry i'm just rambling here but i like to write/type. you'll see more pictures from me soon!
franey :)