Thursday, July 12, 2012

fulton market

this shoot went so well and had all kinds of good karma floating around. my mom dropped me, ania, ryan, and ania's friend from france off at fulton market and we walked to starbucks to sort out outfits and change clothes. ania and her friend got coffee and ryan and i got water and then we just kinda walked around for an hour or so. then we coincidentally ran into my mom at a really hip coffee shop where we were about to shoot our last look. so we finished the shoot, said bye to ania and her friend and then ryan and i had a salad with croutons and cheese and lettuce without dressing and some turkey i think. while we were eating, ryan looked at me and said "i'm happy" and that practically made my day.

i really like these photos because 1. ania is such a fun person and she has a great personality and a great face and poses herself and she's just so awesome and 2. they were taken in chicago in a place that i've never been to before, i mean i've been to chicago, i was born there, but i'd never been to fulton market. it was so beautiful outside, the breeze was nice and the walk only got sweaty a couple of times :)

i can't wait to go back to chicago and photograph more, meet new people, and eventually live there.
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