Wednesday, July 18, 2012

forecastle blog post 1

ryan and i went to a 3 day long music festival called forecastle in louisville last weekend! i still need to get like 4 more rolls developed but here are some of the photos i have now

 the sky during beach house
beach house!!! 2nd favorite concert next to wilco. victoria is amazingly adorable

everyone was dancing really hardcore-like at the sleigh bells concert and then there was this guy. A+, man.
crooked photo of sleigh bells
ryan being cute at sleigh bells
this is really blown out but film point and shoot what can ya do
atlas sound! bradford cox is so cute
a couple kissing during beach house i believe
 holding hands during atlas sound
anna being cute wit her jellyfish puppet!

it was a great weekend and i promise you there will be more from forecastlex up soon!! <3

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