Thursday, July 5, 2012

waterfront wednesday

i haven't really taken pictures for fun in a while, which is sad. these are from last wednesday's waterfront show. ryan and his dad took me! isn't that nice of them.

 i thought this girl had really pretty hair
 the crowd + a little girl on her dad's shoulders
 some band that was good but i forgot their name!!!
 beautiful long hair omg
 crooked sunset
 ryan being the cutest
 my nails almost exactly matched my dress
 liza aw you're so cute
 nicely dressed white haired girl
 hannah hoola-hooping!
 it was really bright but i love us
 the crowd when we first got there. it was HOT like 100 degrees
my mom wanted me to take a picture of her hair (she was proud of it)

that's all! i'm going to chicago on monday and i have a shoot with my friend/model ania, so i'll share those once i get them developed :)
thanks for stopping by!
~franey xo

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