Sunday, July 8, 2012

really sunny days

yesterday i took pictures of caitlin for her modeling portfolio
if any young up-and-coming models need portfolio shoots, they're inexpensive and can be similar to this one, so you can email me at franey.miller at
caitilin was a joy to take pictures of and even though it was hot and sweaty i think i got some good photos. this shoot was kind of a downer from my other recent shoots, but that's only because it's more simple, honestly. i'm leaving for chicago tomorrow with ryan and my mother and i'm meeting with a few people so i'll keep you guys posted on that.
my mom's about to make coffee and i really like drinking coffee in the evening because it makes me sleep sometimes.
i need to make room for simple shoots in my portfolio, but i don't know if i really want to right now. but simple photos can sure be stunning so i have to keep that in mind. sorry i'm just rambling here but i like to write/type. you'll see more pictures from me soon!
franey :)


  1. The third image from the top is so delicate and beautiful! Amazing work. x

  2. I love the shot where you can see the moon over her head!