Friday, June 8, 2012

disappointments make for happy times, sometimes

i had a lot of exciting things happening for my photography back in april/early may, but i felt like they all fell through when some disappointing things happened for my photos. i've spent a lot of nights questioning if i should continue taking photos or not, but i am in fact going to have shoots and take photos for now. i have a shoot with heather pittman tomorrow, and then next saturday i have a shoot with ivory. it's stressful planning all these shoots and trying to execute them well, but shit happens and photos don't turn out, or i don't like them, but i am concentrating now on just being a little more free with my photos. and i'm going to keep up with this blog too. i like this blog. i'm also going to get a moleskine where i'm going to print out small versions of my photos in the darkroom and paste them in there, along with writing some things. right now i have a print binder of 8x10 photos i've either gotten printed online, or printed myself in the darkroom. i'm also going to chicago in mid-july to do some photo things and see my family, so if you're up there we should definitely meet up. i need to collect my thoughts better and that way is going to be through photographing them. though it's so disappointing when i have a sub-par shoot when i should be getting better with every shoot. i just feel so sorry. but that's okay, because i will have a good shoot tomorrow. here are some photos i'm proud of right now:
  thank you to all the models who are in these photos. i'm really on a black and white kick right now, but i'll have some color photos for you tonight. :) ~franey


  1. i know how you feel. for me too it's very difficult to bee happy with my pictures sometimes, but it's just a phase. i guess it's necessary to feel yourself unhappy with your work just once in a while to be able to create better and better pictures.