Wednesday, June 20, 2012

i want this to be a kind-of diary

i've started writing down little things that inspire me in my notebook that says "picture this" on the cover so maybe i will turn them into a photo shoot. i'm sitting at my kitchen table in ryan's hoodie and plaid undies just thinking about winter and cold weather and fall when everything is happy! i want to get married in the fall so our wedding will be alive when everything is dying.

i took this picture of alexis last summer, in june. probably right around this time last year. i saw her at school and asked to take her picture one day, and we met up and did a shoot. she's in college now, and i'm glad i got to photograph her when i did!

model is amelia gandara. no one liked these photos but me and that's okay. i'm trying right now to remember summer as it was last year, because it was so good. but last summer was a summer of learning and discovery and this summer is a summer of doing, acting on my discoveries and opening new doors for myself, leaving some old ones half open too. i shot all color film last summer, probably about 50 rolls of it throughout the ~3 months off school. i learned then that i wanted to make my image, if i ever got an image (hah) with film. this summer i'm doing that but with black and white film. (i'll shoot color in the winter when the green isn't so overwhelming)

i was skypeing with ryan last night, and i showed him the final 12 photos of my last shoot for lost freedom magazine, and usually ryan dislikes some of the photos that i choose for my final photos because well, people have different opinions and i love how he's always so honest. but he liked every one of them! and i like them even more than he does. i'll be able to post the shoot soon, and i hope you like the photos as much as we do.

this is a photo of my dear mother, aka my biggest fan. she found an old necklace of mine and started wearing it every day which i think is so cute. she's also wearing one of my shirts in this photo. haha oh mom. i love you so.

i have some exciting things coming up in july, so i will keep you posted with those! i hope everyone has a great day, and if you read all of this rambling i am proud of you!
~franey :)

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  1. I read it all! hehe.
    these photos are beautiful and I am super excited for all of the things you have coming up.