Saturday, April 13, 2013

introduction / chloe

ahhh HI everyone i haven't used this blog since last summer
well what's up
it's april 2013

today i had a shoot with the lovely chloe bell who i have been taking photos of for over a year (can you believe that wow)
we both styled it and scaled a muddy slope and got in the water (as always) and it was a very ~livin on the edge~ type shoot hehe

i only shot digital which is sad like i wanted to shoot film but i didn't have time to go buy it :(
maybe i'll shoot film tomorrow hmmmm
i really like these photos though!

model is chloe bell
makeup and hair by isidro valencia

omg i love the tones in these so much!!!! proud of myself for creating the action (':
i hope everyone has a lovely saturday! i'm shooting senior portraits today and then i have 2 shoots tomorrow weeee

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