Thursday, August 2, 2012

kayla's big hair

i suck at titling blog posts buuuut that's not the point! i had this shoot on hold for a while posting-wise because we thought it might be for a magazine, but now we can post the photos.
model is kayla holts. she's fabulous. her posing in on point and her facial expressions are different and wonderful. makeup and hair by cassie lynn young who is one of my favorites. and thank you to dot fox for lending us clothes, you guys have some fabulous stuff.

this shoot was just so good all around! hair and makeup went so well, i think cassie really pulled it off by doing something different with color and such. then there was just good karma everywhere, we were shooting in a familiar place which was nice, and lots of laughs were happening throughout the shoot.
when i got home to develop the photos, i developed 2 blank rolls of black and white film and cried and cried and cried because i thought they were the ones from the shoot, but they were actually rolls i hadn't shot so i was safe. yay!

~franey, xo

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