Wednesday, August 8, 2012

ivory + lydon

models are ivory and lydon
makeup and hair by cassie lynn young
styling by the tangerine closet

this shoot was super amazing and well put together for me! it was my birthday present to ivory (happy 14th birthday ivory!) and these just came out so well i think. i was stressing over the shoot for sometime but then it just came together like my shoots always do! i think it felt very moonrise kingdom-y because of just a lot of different factors. i felt like i was in some kind of fairy tale when i was taking these. thank you to ivory and lydon for being great models :)
~xo, franey


  1. I thought Moonrise Kingdom! Especially with the books.

  2. Franey, you are an amazing artist.

  3. I love the Peter & Wendy feeling these give me. It's great to see such talent and passion. Your photographs are explorative, narrative, and beautiful!