Wednesday, August 1, 2012

storm night

a few weeks ago i planned a shoot up in cincinnati with taylor thompson, thank you to elizabeth hicks for driving us in the pouring rain and for styling, thank you to serene conaway for helping with styling too, and thank you to hank walton for doing makeup and hair and doing a fantastic job with it. these are the photos that didn't make it onto my website but that i still like. also, thank you to hank's aunt for letting us shoot at her house!

taylor is so beautiful. i had had two shoots before this on different days and they were both kind of awful, so when i saw the photos from this i was quite happy. it's been a few weeks since i've shot these but they're still some of my favorite photos.

my birthday is on the 3rd and ryan and i are waking up at sunrise and going swimming in the fountain by my house. the day after my birthday my mom and i are driving up to columbus, oh for me to shoot two beautiful girls from sigal models. that's my next shoot so you'll see an update from me then :)


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