Thursday, February 19, 2015

for fashion

i want to thank my dear friend denise ponce for inspiring me to publish this

hi i am franey and i am done forcing myself to do things i don’t want to do, feeling things i don’t want to feel, and photographing things that do not make me happy.

i wanted to be a fashion photographer so badly- until yesterday. i moved to new york city to BE a fashion photographer. i don’t know why i never considered other options- everyone said new york was the place to go for fashion. and they were right- this is the fashion capital of the united states. but fashion is not what i am interested in- for the time being.

i always wondered why people gave up so much of their lives working for free in the fashion industry. i always wondered why i was treated like shit by so many people. i always wondered why people thought it was OKAY to pay 60k a year for “fashion school” “art school” “photo school”, whatever- if you are a true artist you will succeed without pratt.

i didn’t know why i was working thirteen hour days during fashion week for no pay. what was i doing this for- experience? what was my experience- getting coffee for people who made more money than i did? i always told myself- it will get better. i will get to the top. i will make it.

what is “making it” anyways?

i am tired of the bullshit. i am tired of new york. i am tired of working my ass off for nothing, doing shit jobs for money. i am tired of losing my mind.

photography is my catharsis- without it, i wouldn’t be sitting at my desk writing this. i would be somewhere else, in a very dark place. i found photography when i was very young, and i was happy with it- because i took photos for fun. i made art. i made myself happy.

from now on, i am shooting for myself. if the girls i shoot happen to be wearing designer clothing, then fine. but i am not listening to other people’s opinions about whether my work should or shouldn’t be in such and such magazine, or on such and such’ website, i am not shooting anyone but myself. i am not taking photos i do not want to take. if you work at a magazine or a brand and respect my work enough to trust me to create for you, then shoot me an email. but if you want to direct my work- please refrain from contacting me for the time being.

i am still going to be taking photos. if you want me to photograph you, please write me an email with a few photos of yourself:


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