Saturday, January 14, 2012

last february

almost a year ago i started shooting film seriously. i finished my 365 (the last 3 months of it?) in film, and it all started in february of 2011. my digital camera breaking was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. this was a good month, i remember. i only took 3 rolls of film total this month, but hey they were good memories. here are 3 frames from my start of film:

taylor with a bear that we found at unique thrift

my new used blue plaid keds. it's so weird how i can remember a day just by looking at one simple photo.

fisherman + foggy lake, this is the day where william modeled for me. i might have posted the photos but i don't remember.

i'm shooting for upper magazine today and i am more than excited! everyone should go like their facebook page, right now :)

i'll post a preview from the shoot tomorrow.
~franey xoxo

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