Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hi! Last Sunday I had a shoot with a girl named Taylor. She's in 8th grade but she is so mature and beautiful. :')
The shoot was for an editorial in Racing Minds Magazine. I can only put up a preview now, but the rest of the editorial will be posted here on Sunday (when the issue of RM comes out.) Since my Canon 40D broke, I'm going to be shooting my fashion stuff in film now, and I'll probably only shoot digital for my 365 and for school. I love the look and feel of film, and yesterday I ordered 12 rolls of color film for $27! It's a really good deal, and I'm so excited to use it. I have a shoot coming up on March 5th, which I cannot wait to shoot and post. The theme is 1960's, and my models are ever so lovely. :') I'm going on an adventure with my boyfriend Ryan today, so I'll post those photos when I get them developed. Oh and here's the preview of the Taylor shoot:
I was going to edit all of my film (I don't usually do that) but then with the help of my friend Sarah I decided against it. All of my film will be unedited from now on, I guess! I'm so excited to shoot more when the weather warms up. :)
I'll be posting more probably tomorrow (Saturday) and then on Sunday with the Taylor shoot.
Bye for now!


  1. Yay, I'm follower number one! :D

    What a lovely photo! Can't wait to see the rest! Is she really only in the 8th grade? She looks so much more mature. I'm 15 and an aspiring photographer who is really starting to be interested in portrait photography.

    Do you decide what your subjects wear or do you tell them a certain style? I would love to know!


  2. thank you, and it depends! sometimes I completely style my models with a theme in mind, and sometimes they do most of the styling but I help them out, they're never completely on their own with it!
    hope this helps